Current Information and Updates

We thank you for all your continued efforts to help keep our entire community safe during this challenging time.

As the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wane, many cities and towns have lifted their mask mandates. 365滚球体育彩票_线上投注官网~ has decided to move to a “mask optional” environment for our students, staff, and faculty effective March 1, 2022. Masks will no longer be mandatory in any 365滚球体育彩票_线上投注官网~ buildings. Of course, people may choose to wear a mask if they wish while on campus, and we ask everyone to respect our colleagues’ personal decisions to wear a mask or not.

Please note:

Any 365滚球体育彩票_线上投注官网~ employee who works in one of our magnet school buildings must continue to follow their guidelines.

Students and faculty who attend clinicals outside of 365滚球体育彩票_线上投注官网~ must abide by the guidelines/requirements of the clinical site.

Also effective March 1, the University will no longer require weekly COVID-19 testing for those not fully vaccinated or proof of vaccination for those who are fully vaccinated. The Response Team will share any new information on COVID-19 that affects our state or necessitates any changes to this policy.

Thank you again for all your cooperation in keeping our community safe.


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